capturing in-between-the-lines, visualising inexpressable emotions, freezing moments in time, finding beauty in detail, framing characters, harnessing light … these are just some of the aspects of photography I love.


1976 born in Vienna, primary school, secondary school,

1994-98 University of Vienna – studies in International Economics

1998-2000 Manchester Metropolitan University, International Economics, BA Hons

2000-2001 University of Edinburgh, MSc Design & Digital Media, Edinburgh University

2000-2008 Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland: office manager and graphic designer at Landscape Design company, photography projects

2008-2010 Vienna, office and project management for an agency for EU-funded development projects worldwide, photography projects

2012-2020 conception and management of groß&klein sports club and ongoing work on photography projects

2019/2020 masterclass photography, Wifi Vienna, 264 LE

Exhibitions and Publications

2021: October “Dialogos Femeninos”, Ibiza, Details coming soon!

2020: Wien, Artwalk, photography exhibiton

2020: Culturmag, Hamburg, shutdown special: Publication of photograph with short story

2020: Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, 7. – 22. May: “Dialogos Femeninos” – CANCELLED due to Covid-19 in May, postponed to later in the year

2020: Camping Revue March “Wo der Wind weht” photography and text about travelling in Scotland

2019: Wien, “Betlehem ist nebenan”, group exhibition mixed media

2019: Wien, Art18 group exhibition mixed media “Mit oder Ohne”

2019: Wien, Artwalk, photography

2018: Wien, Artwalk, photography and photo collage

2017: Wien, Artwalk, photography

2015: Wien, Artwalk, Nepal photography

2015: London, Art Refuge Nepal, fundraising exhibition and auction of 4 pictures

2015: Wien, documentary: Train of Hope / WUK Welcome Refugees, printed in “Wina” Magazine, issue Dez./Jän. 2015

2007, 2008, 2009: FM4 calendar, 3 photographs and photo collages published