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group exhibition with another 3 artists of different disciplines

Santa Eularia, Ibiza, 3.-31.September 2021

Following the birds of Scotland with my camera I intended to show them in their natural habitat, free to roam earth, sea and air in perfect symbiosis with their surroundings, the exhibition contains 3 series:

This body of work shows birds straying from the flock, highlighted in red. Visualising the efforts of taking individual direction – much like humans, standing out from the crowd, attracting attention – these images raise questions and unease as the visual order is broken, showing the juxtaposition of the collective versus the individual.

Investigating visual analogies between music and birds – as the flocks are sitting on electricity wires, looking like scores, with tiny variations sending ripples through the group until they are being chased away by seagulls – a crescendo – just to return again, settling on the lines in a different position.

stand alone images of birds finding refuge for hatching their eggs, walking the grassy slopes looking for food or flying freely above beautiful landscapes

what the papers wrote as well as a tour through the exhibition documented by the local TV station can be seen here

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